Sensitive Tank Drive

My team is using Logitech Attack 3 joysticks in a tank drive and we have taken weight off of our robot to practice driving. Our drive system has become very sensitive and impractical to drive easily. Any suggestions to fix this issue?:]

Put ballast back on the drive train and made sure to program a joystick deadband in your control code.

Most optimal solution is to put the weight back on (unless you plan on being that underweight next year).

You should be practicing with as close to the real thing as possible.

*As earlier responders have already stated, you want to be practicing with competition weight.

If there is some unstated reason why doing that is not your preferred approach in your unique situation, then you can adjust the joystick sensitivity by adding some code. Some examples are shown here.

I second Ether’s cubic function recommendation. We’ve been using it on all of our customer robots lately and have been very pleased.