Sensor for Determining Upside-Down

We are planning on using a Snow Problem style flip climber to get on level 3 and we have a couple questions about sensors-

What’s the best sensor for determining when the robot is upside-down?

Is the RoboRio’s built in accelerometer be able to do this?

I’ve heard people say that the Rio’s build in accelerometer is inaccurate, however for the purpose of detecting weather the robot has flipped onto its side (or back) I think it would be fine.

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Yes an accelerometer would work, and I’d echo it’s not that precise on the Rio. But it should be able to be obvious if you are flipped 90 or 180 degrees.

If you have a 3-axis gyro you could use that as well and look at the corresponding axis for whichever tilt direction.

If you plan to use the accel in the RIO, you probably want to average 10 or so samples together at a time to help reduce noise in your readings, rather than using every single reading on its own. Inclinometers based on accelerometers usually operate in a similar manner.

NavX has pitch and roll sensors so you should be able to use those easily.

NavX also plugs right into the RIO

Or… a sturdy limit switch on the top of the robot.



with a weight on it so it doesn’t depend on hitting the HAB platform

Thanks for all the great responses! I didn’t know that the built in accelerometer was so inaccurate. I think we may mess around with the 3 axis gyro option. If we have issues with that, we’ll probably go with the limit switch with the weight option - really simple solution.

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