Sensor issues, help?

Ok so originally we were going to use pots to get the location of some of our components as they moved, unfortunately, the shafts have been built in a way that makes this impossible. If you’ve seen the most recent image of our robot, you can see that there’re metal disks on one of the shafts lower on the bot. We have the idea of marking the disk, and using an optical rotation sensor in order to read how many lines have past by, and thus the position of the component. The only problem is I can’t find anywhere to buy an optical rotation sensor. The exact kind of sensor I’m talking about can be found at this site, under Optical Rotation Sensor.

If you know anywhere we can find these, please post it here, I’m having no luck.

You don’t need a special sensor… any reflective sensor will work to detect the changes from light to dark. One of the best sensors for this task is the Banner sensor from the 2004 KoP. Take a look in the cabinets to the left of the clock in your shop… I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s still a tangled mess of yellow plastic Banner sensors down there. :wink:

If you could mount a magnet on the end of the shaft then one of these non-contact rotary position sensors could work. Nice thing is they give absolute position by reading an analog input - no interrupts. Works just like a continuous rotation pot.