Sensor Quadrature not matching expected output

Our call to selected sensor configuration is getting 2048 units per revolution, but set sensor position is getting the 4096 units per revolution. We have changed/tried the config in different options but have not been able to get selected sensor configuration to be what we expect.

The following code is our config settings for the motor controller:
private TalonSRX m_masterMotor;

m_masterMotor.configSelectedFeedbackSensor(TalonSRXFeedbackDevice.CTRE_MagEncoder_Relative, RobotMap.PID_PRIMARY_SLOT, RobotMap.LAUNCHER_CONFIG_TIMEOUT_MS);

This is what we are outputting to our debugging console:

Do you have any type of gearing between the motor and encoder?

The CTRE Magnetic encoder is 4096 CPR. When you set the selected feedback device to the mag encoder, it ignores the set value.

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