Sensor Questions

Where and how have you guys mounted your IR sensors in the past? Our team is unsure of where to place our two sensors, so we’re looking for ideas.

Also, where are the sensors connected on the control board? I’m assuming they’re digital, but we’d like some clarification.

Thanks in adavance.


there is a whole page of info (links and downloads) on the IR sensors and the beacons at the website (documents section).

You will have to experiment with them to see how directional they are to decide where you are going to mount them on your bot, and how you are going to scan for the beacon. Turn the whole bot till you see it? put the sensors on a servo that scans? put more than one sensor on the bot to detect each beacon?

there are two many variables to give you a simple answer.

Could question pertain to the Banner Engineering QS18VN6D?

If so, here is a link to their web site:

Document number 63908 provides some technical information and it is found under the literature link. The device requires 12VDC to operate and provide a normally closed and a normally open contact outputs that can be connected to the digital inputs.

Good luck.