Sensor Wiring

i am curious as in how to Wire our LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 ultrasonic Sensor

Google is your friend.

You have to use an analog signal. To wire, you just solder a pwm cable to three of the outputs on the sensor. Here’s the order:
Red- 5V
White- AN

And the female end of the pwm cable connects to one of the analog inputs of the analog module of the cRIO (probably slot 1)

Yup, we’ve tested and it works; however, programming-wise, it is kinda weird. We found a website that told us to wire it through the ECHO and/or PING modules, but we can’t find anything about what those actually are. Lastly, though we haven’t tried it, you should be able to wire the white wire to PW and put the female in DIO, but again, we haven’t tested it. Good luck!

ECHO & PING are for a different make/model of ultrasonic sensor.

The MaxBotix that came in the 2012 Kit has a couple of wiring options, the analog probably being the easiest.
In code it gets treated just like any other analog sensor.
Read the analog value, convert to inches.

It can also be wired for digital and plugged into the sidecar.

There are code examples for both analog and digital from the LV Start page under Support -> Find FRC Examples…, then Sensors->EZ1…

the wiring instructions should be with the sensor… ::rtm:: Easy as 3.14159265… Oh, use the analog ourput pin, and get the voltage from the analog breakout in the code, then use the scale factor in the above link to get your distance in the code. The voltage and distance for this unit are proportional.

Presuming you are using LabVIEW:

  1. Bring up LabVIEW
  2. Click on SUPPORT
  3. Click on Find FRC Examples . . .
  4. Under FRC Robotics - double click on Sensors
  5. Double click on EZ1 MB 1010 Sonar Digital.lvproj
  6. In the project window double-click on EZ1 MB 1010 Sonar

Before you run the VI, right-click on Properties and change the IP address to one for your team.