Seperating frc, ftc and fll seasons

I am from a small town and I think the main reason we dont have an ftc and an fll team is because it would be mostly the same mentors… does anyone else have the same problem? Has anyone ever brought to the table seperating the seasons? I’m new but i didn’t see thus as being brought up before. Thanks


What seasons are you proposing to separate?

In Michigan, FTC and FLL are in the fall and FRC is in January. In our town, it is the same mentors and a recipe for burnout.

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So all 3 are seperate. I would happily volunteer for all 3. The more kids excited and building as early as possible, the better!

As a coach from Michigan of two FRC teams and three FTC teams it does make for a long season. I go from August to April doing robotics along with two other mentors that are just as crazy as I am. I have been doing this for the last 4 years and it does cause some burnout but the benefits for our FRC team has been huge. I grew up playing baseball so I look at it like that where as you build the basics and skills in the little leagues so they are ready to play in high school. We also have an FLL team that I advise for and help out when needed but that is a separate coach since FTC and FLL both happen during the fall in Michigan.

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