Serial CAN Help

Hello to all, a search of CD asked similar questions related to the SerailCAN communications but I was unable to find an answer.

The problem is when trying to use more than one Black jaguar on the CAN bus.

Our setup is serial to Black Jag (node 2) followed by 2 more Black jags ( nodes 3&4). The Serial cable is built correctly with a 100ohm term resistor on the the CAN bus lines pin 3 & 4. The end of the CAN bus (last jag in the chain) is also terminated on the 4pin (pin 2&3) per the Black CAN documentation Jaguar_GettingStartedGuide.

Using the BDC-comm utility I can see all 3 devices from the pull down menu and temperature data is updating for all devices. This should confirm that all wiring is correct.

When connected to the cRio serial port we are only able to control the first device. cRio imaging tool confirms that we are using the CAN serial bridge, also since we can control one device that would also imply that the software communications is setup properly.

But when the cRio is enabled only one jag (one connected to serial port) will show a solid light while the other 2 on the can bus are blinking. The C++ code is the same for all 3 devices yet unable to get the other 2 jag’s to enable.

Are we missing some setup in C++ when using multiple CAN devices? Is there a configuration that is missing?

Any help would be appreciated, if cannot get to work will have to switch back to Talons. Would be nice to read the current back as this is something we were planing to use in our code.


I assume that using BDCComm you can control all motors independently. You can try this even on the robot by replacing cRIO with PC.

I would double check how you are creating the Jaguar Speed Controllers. Make sure they are declared as CanJaguar. Perhaps you could post the code here?