Serial Library??

Does anyone know of a (free) simple serial library (preferablly a .dll or c++) I’ve been looking around and I cant find just a simple dll with open, write, read, and close. Im using winxp btw


Oh yeah, I dont wanna use .net

.Net has a really good serial library. Our team is using it to make programs like custom dashboards. Its a bit confusing but if you look around for some examples you can eventually get the hang of it. If you don’t want to use .net, there is a serial communication control in VB6. Its not in the standard toolbox but you can add it.

here you go-

thanks i needed a good chuckle

What language/framework are you using? What kind of project is this?

If you want help with the .net serial components,“System.IO.Ports”, PM me.


Wonderful! :smiley:

I’m trying to do it all in c++ so im just looking for a dll or something that just has simple serial functions like open port, send byte, read byte

You want a .dll, so I am assuming you are doing this on Windows. All you need to do is use the standard C/C++ file I/O functions - fopen, fread, etc. For the “file”, specify “COM1” or “COM2”, dependent on which serial port you want to open. This is part of stdlib, so you don’t need to include any extra DLL or do anything special – it’s all included by default.

(On a Mac or Linux or any Unix-like system, the instructions are the same, but use “/dev/ttyS0” instead of “COM1”)

Indeed. Or you can use the Win32 functions–see

You also need to configure the serial port (primarily baud rate). In Linux, that’s an ioctrl() call. On Win32, it’s the COMMCONFIG structure and its associated functions.

How do you configure the baud rate with this method? (and yes im using windows :frowning: )