Serial number for 2019 LabView software?

The serial number wasn’t included in the KOP this year. I’ve done a bit of Google searching, but I still can find anything. Are we missing something from the kit, or did they change the way software distribution works?

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It’s in the voucher list in TIMS.


Is this something students can access? I don’t see the voucher list on my Dashboard.

You have to be the Main Contact or Alternate Contact (or whatever they’re called now).


It’s useful to note the serial number is only required for the actual LabVIEW installation and one of the NI vision modules. You do not need the serial number for the standard update suite install needed by Java and C++ teams (even though it asks for it, you can just leave it blank).


I thought not entering the serial number left it in trial mode or something? Did they change it, or am I just mistaken?

This is true for the NI vision module but not for the driver station. The driver station has no evaluation mode and never needs a serial number as far as I know

Could this possibly be affecting Shuffleboard? I installed the update without the serial number and everything went fine, but Shuffleboard doesn’t automatically load with driver station and an error message is displayed saying something about a missing script. Same thing for Smart Dashboard.

No, shuffleboard is not made by NI and doesn’t require any serial number.

Opening shuffleboard via driver station is broken for me but I am able to open it directly from windows.

No. Shuffleboard and smartdashboard not launching from the driver station is a known issue:

@cgmv123 is correct, the teams licenses were moved from the Physical KoP to the Virtual KoP (no more needing to safeguard an envelope! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

If someone else bumps into this issue, please follow the directions in: FRC Lost Software Packet or Serial Number From Kit of Parts.

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