our compressor is only going up to 10 PSI, isnt it supposed to go up to 120? is there acertain way to program it in easyc Pro withthepressure switch? my compressor is in relay 1 and my pressures switch isin digital in/out 6

You maybe running the compressor in reverse. Try Switching the leads.

Does the compressor keep running, or does it shutoff?

Can you post your code?

In MPLab you would use:

realy1_fwd = !rc_dig_in06;

well i use easyc pro, i got the compressor working, turns out i just had to turn the knob, but it still seems like its not sucking as much as it should be it can hardly even pick up the tube, but how do i get it to stop sucking so itwill let go of the tube, i have the side of the sleinoid valve thats going to the suction cup hooked up to a spike andi have the spike insideof digital output one, so howwould iprogram it
(IN EASYC PRO) to stop sucking?

Answer to question 1 (Why doesn’t my suction cup suck very well?):

You may have the secondary regulator turned down to low, or if you used a flow control valve, it may not be in the fully open position. Set the secondary reg. to 32 psi for maximum effectives. Also, try using more than one suction cup (we did) and it might work better. Also check for leaks.

Answer to question 2 (How to stop the suction?):

Turn the spike off, just like you would with any other solenoid or motor (or the compressor for that matter), the suction should stop within several seconds.

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ok, does the secondary regulator, and the flow control valve look? picture? also how do u set it to 32 psi?

  1. how do i turn the spike off, even when thespike wasnt hooked up in a pwm slot it was still sucking, but notihave it in digital output 1

The secondary regulator is a hardware device put in series with the solenoid in the line, before it. It has a physical knob you use to set the pressure. That should be in the Pneumatics manual.

You shouldn’t have a solenoid valve hooked up to a digital I/O pin; it should be on a relay output. Then to turn on the vacuum cups you do something like


And to torn them off you do something like

relay2_fwd = relay2_rev = 0;

I hope this helps,