Seriously?? No Finalists Yet??

The 3D Animation AND 3D Design awards will both be announced at Championships this weekend.

After reading all your posts, we are working on posting the 8 finalists for Animation before Friday, as well as a summary of all the regional winners and overall videos that were submitted.

Thank you -

Will you be posting the 3D design award finalists also on or before Friday?



Hi Bob -

There won’t be any finalists for 3D Design, the way the competition was structed there wasn’t any this year.

You will see the results of the winning design on the community!


Will there be Phillies & Wilbur awards at the Championship, like last year?

Those presentations are a lot of fun.

Yes, stop by the Autodesk booth for exact location. I believe they are taking place on Thursday night, at 6pm.