Serve drive gyro not working

Hello, our team is new to swerve drive and followed 0 to autonomous. We updated the software to the most recent version and this is the error we got. could someone please explain what this means and how to fix it?

Task :compileJava FAILED error: cannot access Sendable
class file for edu.wpi.first.util.sendable.Sendable not found
1 error

Can you share your code? Preferably as a link to github (or whatever source control platform you prefer).

If not, whats on line 59 of What’s the type of your “gyro” object?

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this is our code

Please please please PLEASE dont use google drive (or dropbox, or onedrive, etc) for hosting your source code… it WILL burn you at some point. Instead, you should use one of the near-infinite free git providers (,,, etc).

That said, since the google drive file viewer on my phone doesn’t show line numbers, it’ll take me a bit to parse through this. If someone else beats me to it, that’s perfectly fine as well.

The 0-Autonomous code may be problematic to implement. Like you, we ran into many errors and mistakes in the code they had published. We struggled trying to get it to work for weeks. I suggest using 364’s swerve code GitHub - Team364/BaseFalconSwerve or 3512’s depending on if you have falcons or neos.

Hunter is correct. Though it is a great video, the code does not work. Swerve is common on GitHub right now. We just got ours working.

FRCTeam5484/SwerveTest (

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