Server logs

I was looking at my server logs for Apache, when I can across a few websites which were accessed through my site. (At least, that’s what I’m taking it to mean. You can see the image below. There were requests in the logs for things like http://texan.homeunix.net Was I right in my interpretation of this and what can I do to prevent it/does it even matter?

The image is from a log analyzer which I use: (the two wesites are highlighted in red.)

considering that when I click the link, nothing happens, I don’t know.

Those would probably be open proxy scans. People scan for HTTP proxies by just trying to access another site through your servers. Generally, people who scan for proxies don’t have good intentions (unless it’s a service to make sure you AREN’T running a proxy… like the IRC network DALnet does)… they’re commonly used for credit card fraud and stuff like that. You may just be in a common high-speed IP range… but who knows. It’s pretty much nothing to worry about.

This could have also occured, other than what others said, if someone clicked the address bar and just started typing things like that not realizing that they hadn’t deleted yoru url. I know I’ve done it a few times, infact one of those may have been one of me getting to ebay. :slight_smile:

What log analyzer is that? Does it show up if you use another program, such as webalizer or analog?

Have you greped your logs for

PS, did you know that Apache 2.0.50 is out? It fixes a DOS attack in 2.0.49