Service Dogs at Competition

Hey All,

I just want to give the entire community a huge shoutout for being so accommodating and welcoming this year to my service dog Archie! Yes I am the guy with “Citrus Dog” that I heard being yelled around Champs. Champs is a very hard place for anyone to move through so the fact that we had no real issues making it through the crowds and pits was truly amazing and alleviated a lot of the stress that I was having about it before Champs. And on that, if we ever got in your way, I’m very sorry and I hope it was not too much of an inconvenience. Thank you!

I will say that though for the most part everyone was perfect around him, we did have some issues at champs that I thought I’d bring attention to.

  • We had a lot of people coming up and asking if they could say hi, pet him, or take pictures of/with him. This is perfectly fine and I have no issues with it. However, if I am working with one of my students or another team, please don’t interrupt just so you can say hi to Archie. Moreover, if I say “no he’s working”, please don’t be offended or pet him anyway. There are some times where I need him to focus on his tasks more diligently because there is a higher chance that I may need him.
  • We also had a few issues throughout the season of people coming up giving their negative opinions of Archie or me as a handler. These include: he’s not a real service animal, he needs safety glasses, he needs booties, his face caller is abuse/choking him, and overall harassing me about him throughout the competition.
    I can assure you he is perfectly trained to assist me with my disability and has been working for just over 2 years now. He has safety glasses, but he does not like them and they can obstruct his vision. Same with booties, he does have them but he prefers to not wear them and has no issues in the shop nor the pits without them. His face collar cannot choke him and is the safest lead for him to wear at an event such as competition. Everything I do keeps in mind his safety and comfort.

That being said, 99% of you were amazing, THANK YOU and we can’t wait to see all of you during offseason events or next season! If any of you have any questions or more importantly pictures you took of him at competition this season, please post them in this thread or PM them to me directly.

-Austin & Archie


This was the cutest thing to see on the 3128 Instagram story. Also, lead to friend whose an alum from a nearby local team recognizing Archie and you. Funny how small a world FRC is :slight_smile:


I think the community has a vested interest in these photos being shared in the thread, if you’re comfortable with it :slight_smile:


Archie is the best! I have no idea how he was able to remain completely calm throughout the day Saturday or how people would have any issues with him or you having him around.

I think the next thing you have to train him on is how to scout or offer strategy advice, even though that isn’t something 1678 is lacking in :slight_smile:


We’ll work on it. Maybe I should train him to shake his head when he hears a bad strategy. Sell tickets for his advice! :rofl:


Now I’m sad i didn’t get to meet Archie!

I’ll chalk it up to the fact that he was quite obviously working harder than I was all Week! :sweat_smile:


I enjoyed seeing him from afar! I really missed my doggo (who is just a pet) and Archie made me smile.

A few years ago a volunteer had a service dog that would be able to tell if his blood sugar got out of control and would hand him a stick so he would take his medicine. The dog would stay by his side at the field and was perfectly fine with all the noise and commotion going on. It never bothered him.


If Archie has a million fans i am one of them . If Archie has ten fans i am one of them. if Archie has only one fan, that is me . if Archie has no fans, that means i am no more on the earth . if the world is against Archie, i am against the world.


We were absolutely delighted to have Archie (and the other members of your team) visit our pit! Everyone loved seeing the “Citrus Service Dog”!


Did Archie have a “y’all poopin” ribbon too?


I literally took more photos of this dog than I did of 1678’s robot.


Honestly I’m not sure what was better, being on an alliance with you guys (5454), or being on an alliance with you guys and finding out you had an adorable dog in the pits. Archie was a prime example of what your Citrus Circuits students stand for, safety, having a good time, and an air of professionalism that’s wonderful to see in students and dogs alike. Y’all were an absolute joy to compete with and hopefully our teams and Archie compete together again soon.


I never connected the dots that Archie was a service dog, although I probably should have as GRB doesn’t allow pets LOL. Anyway this is just feeding to how much I LOVE 1678, y’all keep it up!!! (Archie too)




He was watching you instead of the camera but that is his job. We enjoyed his visit to our pit.


I thought it was intentional to show off that he was wearing official citrus merch! I wish all service dogs were as well trained as Archie, he’s an absolute pleasure to have around.

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Love this! You think we can get an Archie cookie made for his birthday (August 28)?


I feel like after read this, I should change my name on chief to be “Guy With Dog” :joy:.

Also, shameless plug, if y’all wanna follow Archie on Instagram: @Service_Archie, I think I’m gonna be posting a lot more of him there with all his fans.


“Archie’s leash holder” might work too