Servo Camera Example Servos don't work

When I run the servo camera example, it works, except for the servos. It tracks and shows the servos turning on the laptop but the servos don’t actually move. They are plugged into pwm1 and 2 and are shorted for servo output. The dsc is in port 4.

Any ideas why the servos aren’t moving?


Does your DSC have power (all 3 power LEDs near the power input connector)? What’s the status of the RSL (Robot Signal Light)? Is your robot enabled and in the proper mode?


Yes it does.

Wierd thing is when I do another frc project and tell the servo to go to the position of a control, it works fine. It just wont work with the camera example. I have tried turning off the smoothing also with no effect.

Should I be able to just run the examples as is from the examples folder, or do I have to put them inside a robot project? Do I have to change some settings on the DS?


Has anyone else experienced similar problems? I actually haven’t had an example work yet.

Did you change the IP address in the project? If not, you need to set it to communicate with the cRIO. If you did, I’m not sure what the problem is.

LabVIEW or C++?

If it is LabVIEW, find where the example is controlling the servos and replace it with a control. Then you can easily command them to move.

If they move, it is the example code’s fault somewhere in deciding where to go.

Otherwise, it may be wiring (which you seem to have disproven), the watchdog, opening the servo reference, communication with the DS, etc…

Also, try highlight execution mode.

Sorry for the late update, But I did get it working. The labview example didn’t have the watchdog. Adding the watchdog fixed the problem. I found my answer on the FIRST forums. Thanks.

Quick question. So I have been going about adapting the Two Color Servo Camera example… But where exactly is the example everyone is mentioning? I am not able to find it anywhere :confused:

Ok so I realize most of you on a FRC team have it installed on your computers and it can be found in the /examples/FRC directory. Is that right? Would I have to go through the whole installation to extract this example as well? Or can the individual file be downloaded somewhere?

If you are using LabVIEW update 3.0a, the user watchdog is off by default… and if it is enabled and you run new code that has no user watchdog VIs… then it is automatically disabled.

Point being, if you opened up the code and it did not work until you added user watchdog VIs to it… you are using the wrong version of LabVIEW. Update your software:

You can get it here:
(Look in software updates, it’s the second from bottom I think…)
alternatively, the direct link for LV for C++