Servo Connection questions

I am new to using servos and don’t know a heck of a lot about them…

I would like to use one for operating my manipulator jaws. The jaw has a relatively light spring loaded mechanism which I am guessing might work well for a servo.

Now for the questions:
Do the servos connect directly to the PWM outputs?

Where can I find some information on how to program the servos and some application information that might suggest some mechanical coupling ideas to use with these?

Thank you

yes the servos connect directly to the PWM out puts on the robot controller.

as to the programing of them i don’t know but i suggest checking the programing forums for info. (unless you already did that in which case ignore what i last said)


yes you can plug the servos directly to the rc but you have to make sure the backup battery is hooked up and charged.

in regards to the programming of it think of it this way the servo takes it’s entire range of motion and divides it by 256 where 0 is at one extreme and the other extreme being 255.

The servo is a motor driven mechanical device that does not have a 360 degree rotation on the output shaft. The mechanical and electrical charachteristics are available on the manufacturers website and require some interpretative reading to understand. The max rotation is given in degrees but since the parts and the mechanical stop vary from part to part, you need to expect that your servo may have slightly less or greater travel. Watch also the max torque spec. The data sheet will also give you some insight into the operation with specific PWM values. The servo will receive it’s power via the PWM cable from the RC and the backup battery, so be sure to check the operation at 7.2 volts or lower when designing your application.

Thanks for the info…

I do not have the part with me and would like to look up the specifics of the two servos that were included in the kit. Does anyone have that info or a link to the specific info to the servos that are included in the 2007 kit?


This is all I could fine:

The specific servo in the Kit of Parts is the Hitec HS-322HD. This is the only servo permitted, but you may use more than the two that come in the kit, as specified by rule R45.

For manufacturer specs:

Overview -
Manual -
Spec Sheet -

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What exactly is a servo connection sir? I have just joined team 234, and haven’t really learned that much anyway.

The servo is a device that is used in RC cars and airplanes. It is a positional device that can be controlled via PWM signals to turn to a certain angle. It is not capable of turning a full 360 degrees but can control other items like the pan and tilt of the camera which do not require a full 360 degrees of motion.

I am afraid they might not be powerful enough for your application but you should try and see if you could give them some mechanical advantage.