servo help

Need help. We want a servo to rotate x amount of degrees when a button is pushed and remain in that position. I have tried multiple ways to program a servo, but can’t get it to work right. Diagrams or even attached vis would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

check the servo section in the labview.
theres a set position vi there
all you have to do is put a case structure wired to a button and in the true box put the get servo vi and wire the set postion vi and set what degrees you need

Did you install the jumper on the digital sidecar to make sure the servo was powered?

Providing details about what you tried and what exactly it did makes it much easier to help, rather then just stating “everything” you tried “didn’t work”.

Thanks for the responses. We figured it out. We wanted to use it as a latch for deployment of our minibot. We just rotated the orientation of the servo, so it starts locked like we want, then rotates at a button press for deployment.