Servo input values

Is the range of input to the servos 0-255?

they operate on the same PWM signal that the victors do
knowing this, you can use the servos in the kit to test your code w/out hooking up speed controllers and motors, just plug the servos in to the robot controller
make sure you plug in a backup battery, that’s where they get their 7.2v from.


0-254, just like any other IFI pwm signal.

255 is reserved for a special “beginning of data packet” byte - you can get some wacky behavior if you use it. Stick to 0-254.

The new controllers automatically replace 255s with 254s to fix that exact problem. On the old PBASIC controllers, if you sent pairs of 255s you’d get all kinds of problems…

thanks for correcting me, I need to be getting more sleep!

Check the data sheet for the individual servo to determine it’s exact response, i.e. angle vs. PWM.