Servo Motor Issues

We used the sample servo code, and it’s not working. We’ve wired correctly, following the schematics. The signal output doesn’t send a pulse at all. Please help.

Hey, I’m not a programmer or electrical guy but we were having the same issue and we found out that all you need is a jumper connecting the 2 pins next to where you plug the servo in on the side car. The servo runs on 6 volts and the pwm pins only give 5 volts (I think). It was kinda funny because we thought that every servo we had was somehow defective. We literally tested like 7 servos.

Hope that helps and good luck to you and your team!

Post the code. Also, make sure you wired up BOTH of the attachments to the digital sidecar (power and data) and you put the jumper in.

Yea, it won’t work without the jumper… no matter how hard you try.