Servo not responding

So our robot has a servo that we are trying to get working. Its hooked up to the PWM outputs on the digital side car next to our motors. No matter what we do it wont respond. Its not even powered! In labview I have it using the set angle function. Am I doing somthing wrong? such as when initalising the servo do I need to input the angle variable? Am I using the wrong function? is it pluged in wrong? When I use the same PWM port on a motor it works fine. Any ideas?

  1. Are you using a 3-wire PWM cable (i.e., is there a 3pin connector at each end, and is the center red wire connected to the middle pin at each end)?

  2. Do you have the power jumper in place to provide power on the middle pin for the servo?

  3. You aren’t trying to lift a hundred pounds with that servo, are you?

no weight is on the servo, we just want it to turn.
We have a 3 pin pwm just like the motors use
Whats a power jumper?

this are jumpers u put on digital side car two pins and let me see your labview code…



Jumper was the only problem. servo functions now. What about the max angle on servo initialization thou? Also what values does the servo range from, 0-1?