Servo Plugs

I am just wondering what the technical name is for the type of plug servos use that fits onto a header. I have found plenty of hobby sites that sell these plugs, but they are always listed by manufacturer type (eg, JR-style, Hitec S-style, Airtronics Z-style). For my purposes it would be advantageous to buy a large quantity of crimpable plugs anywhere from 1 to 5 pins wide and a sizeable length of ribbon cable to make my own wires, but to do so I need to know product description to search for. Thanks.

Well, I wasn’t able to find out what these plugs are called so I just had my mentor purchase supplies to make 70 three-pin plugs from an R/C hobby site:

Holy cow… 70!?!

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Here’s a question for everyone.
Has anybody noticed that the connectors on the Vex systems all use Male pins to connect to the Micro Controller? The plugs have a key on them as well, but a standard, as in “FRC”, extension cable will plug in. Just make certain you check your orientation.

So, now back to you CapnBFG, any idea where to get male pins and plugs??? :confused:

This year my team made all the PWM signal cables for the electronics. We got all the pins (male & female) and plastic housings from Digi-Key. We have a ratcheting roll-over crimper for the pins. The plastic housings come in all different sizes for different numbers of wires. They come in locking varieties too, they work well for quick disconnection of sensors. A small screwdriver can be used to remove the pins from the housings.

I liked making our own signal cables rather than using the ones from IFI. It took a bit more time, but all the cables were the exact right length, which made for much neater wiring. We didn’t have any of the combined wire like CapnBFG liked to, I just used a drill to wind the wire nicely together. I would highly recommend making your own signal cables if you can get a good crimper and some nice wire strippers.


The vex controller key is pretty much the same housing as a fubata servo connector, except with the key in the opposit posistion, and the fubata part that is keyed like that normally accepts female sockets instead of male pins. We just use the same molex c-grid connectors we use for everything. They’re much cheaper when you buy them in bulk (we usually use 200 or so housings plus pins/sockets every year between custom pwm cables, sensor cables for both vex/mini rc and full size rc). The only problem with them is that their pins are slightly longer than real servo connectors, but that isn’t much of a problem with the way the new plastic on the spikes and speed controllers support the connectors.

I ordered a Newark Electronics catalog about two weeks ago and it finally came in on Monday. It turns out that the technical name for the plugs is “Mod IV Nonpolarized Wire-Applied Housings” and the crimpable pins that go inside are called “Snap-in Mod IV Pin and Receptacle Contacts”. Newark sells the housings in single or double row with 2 to 7 pins per row. Note that these housings are rectangular and not keyed, just like the ones our team has been using thus far.

Lindsey, what part #s did you use to make the connectors

We order through Digi-Key. The parts are made by a company called Molex, we use the C-Grid family of parts.

The housings have a minimum order quantity of 1, we usually get at least 10

Housings (no lock) - Use either male or female pins
2-pin WM2800-ND
3-pin WM2801-ND
4-pin WM2802-ND
Male Locking Housing (Plug) - Use female pins
2-pin WM2900-ND
3-pin WM2901-ND
4-pin WM2902-ND
Female Locking Housing (Header) - Use male pins
2-pin WM2533-ND
3-pin WM2534-ND
4-pin WM2535-ND

The pins have a minimum order quantity of 10, we usually order 100
(The pins we order are gold plated for better reliability of the connections, cheaper ones are available)
Female Pins WM2554-ND
Male Pins WM2515-ND

See the two catalog pages attached for more info, Molex part numbers are included if anyone finds a different supplier. There is also a crimping tool for the pins, and less expensive pins (not gold plated).


0101.pdf (60 KB)
0102.pdf (37.1 KB)

0101.pdf (60 KB)
0102.pdf (37.1 KB)

There are many manuafcrurers that make these things under many different names. The only really generic name is .1" female pin headers