Servo Power Module

So we have a REV Robotics Servo Power Module, and we need help with setting it up, as in connecting it to the roboRIO & PDP.

Have you looked at the quick start guide?

We need a bit more information to help you.

What kind of issues are you having?
What have you done so far?

The Servo Power Module has power rails at the bottom of it for a wire that should be plugged directly into the PDP.

It also has input and output PWM slots, pay close attention to the indicated rotation of those cables, and where the power, ground, and signal cables should be.

@connor.worley Yes, i have looked at the start guide, im just confused on where it would get wired into on the PDP… yea im not our wiring guy, just a labview programmer. So its hard for me.

the power connections coming from the bottom of the rev servo module should be plugged into one of the red/black 12v PDP slots (with breaker).

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