Servo Shifted Gearboxes

I have found a plethora of gearbox designs that use solenoids to shift, but I’m looking for one/some that use a servo to shift. I might be looking in the wrong place, but I can’t seem to find any. Could anyone here link me to where I might find some?

I haven’t done enough research to be looking for something specific yet, but anything that may apply would be useful to me.


AndyMark has a new servo shifter…
you can view the thread here

Try the “Nothing But Dewalts” paper located in the CD-Media Whitepapers section.

The dewalts shift awesome with servos. You can even shift on the fly, they may make some horrible noise while doing it but it doesn’t harm the gearboxes at all. They are indestructible! We used 6 of them last year!