Servo & Tracking Problems

We’re having problems with the servos and our camera can’t track. We tried using the demo program and it still doesn’t work. What’s wrong? The camera can move with the joystick but the autonomous doesn’t work either.

Are you using EasyC or Kevin Watson’s camera code?

What pwm output ports do you have the servos connected to? The 2007 easyC demo code expects pan and tilt to be on pwm 10 and 11 by default, respectively. You can change this with the macros and constants dialog by hitting F6 in easyC. Kevin’s code by default has pan and tilt on pwm 01 and pwm 02. That can be changed by editing the values defined in tracking.h.

We are using Easy C.
The macros and constants are empty when we press F6. We are using pwm 10 and 11.
How do we activate the autonomous mode?
Also, is there a seperate chip that is needed to pan and tilt the camera?

We figured out that you can enter autonomous mode by jumping pins 5 and 8 on the competition port. We got the info from the 2005 operator interface guide from FIRST, page 12.
Be careful, you don’t want to fry the brain, at least a dozen teams fry them each year.

We are attempting to use the onboard pwms on the camera. Our last-year’s programmer had got this to work, but since he is gone (and also the laptop) I can’t seem to figure it out. I am using Kevin’s camera code (streamlined?)
Any ideas?


I just read Rule <R28> revision #2 which stated that i could not use the 2006 camera! :ahh: Oops :D. Well, I guess i need to get longer pwm cables! :o. Oh well, just go with the flow…