Servo Tracking

I’m working in easyC and have got my teams camera to RECOGNIZE the green target light. However, whenever the program starts running the pan and tilt servos go to one specific set of coordinates and stay there. According to the terminal the camera is tracking the light but in actuality it reads it but does not move towards it…anybody know what I need to do to fix it? I’ve tried adding a Set Servo Tracking function block, but don’t know where to place it.

I don’t remember the global variable names exactly, but make sure that the pwms for your pan and tilt servos are set to the correct pwms. Are you using kickoff code or your own. If your own, some source would be appreciated.

I’d recommend on clicking the help button on the “Set Servo Tracking” block and it will explain how to use it.

Then you just make two variables "unsigned char’ call them pan and tilt persay and write data to them in the caputre tracking data panel. Then write those values to a PWM Output.