Servo Wire

We put servos on the end of our intake mechanism to remove hatches. We just realized that we have no wires that are long enough to run from the servos to the RoboRio because it is on a movable part of the elevator that reaches 5+ feet from the RoboRio. Are there any suggestions of how we can connect these servos?

If you have correct wire you can extend the wire coming from the servo down to where you plug it in and if that works make sure to add extra wire so the arm can move without breaking the wire.

36 inch long PWM extension cables used to be real common. Might be in the kit of parts, even.

We don’t have enough wire to do that. We have just a couple small segments of wire.

@AvKauf - buy a spool of servo wire on Amazon and make a wire the length you need. (I found the flat wires tend to be more rigid than the twisted style and more challenging to work with in these situations.) The crimping tool is about $25 and the PWM end kits can be had for under $10 for 10 sets depending on if you need 2, 3, or 4 wire fittings. Then figure out how to spool it out and spool it back up with the extension of the elevator so you don’t have 5 feet of wire getting tangled up in the rest of your mechanisms when the elevator is retracted. The tricky part is keeping the PWM wire from twisting as it spools and un-spools but I’m sure there are creative minds around here that can figure that part out too.

Good Luck.

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