Servos in C

Hello everyone.

Our team made the decision to try and use regular C with the wrapper libraries that WPI provides since it’s what our small programming team is more familiar with. I was trying to get the servos working yesterday and found that there is no CreateServo function defined in CServo.h. Do servos only fully work in C++ or am I missing something?

Just had a quick look at the C wrappers and none of the motor controllers have a ‘create’ function. At a quick glance I am unsure if you need to do anything other than start setting servo values using the various Set function, though I noticed the CPWM wrapper has an allocate function - though I think WPILib might do that for you.

I’ve found basically the same thing after doing some more testing and messing around with this stuff. I haven’t completely gotten servos to work yet, but I have gotten other things to work while using just a set function to do things. I’ll be experimenting a little more and see what I can find out.