Servos not working?

I’ve been trying to program the servos for the Axis camera to move, but even when I am sending a pwm signal to them they don’t move. The dashboard indicates that I am sending a signal and I even checked the end of the pwm cable with a voltmeter and got a reading. Is anyone else having this issue?

Did you check for the Jumpers on the Digital Sidecar? You need it to put it into the 2 pin slot next to the channels you are using for servos.

if you don’t have jumpers, wire and electrical tape will do the trick

This is $.99
If that is the problem, I would highly suggest buying jumpers. Although we do get them in the KOP.

Try running the servos off a RC airplane controller/reciever or another conrtrol system to see if it’s the servos or some other problem.

Yeah it was the jumpers. This was my first time working with servos so I didn’t know that jumpers were needed. Thanks for the info!

Yea, don’t worry, I was on the same boat last year LOL