servos problems

Our team is trying to use a servo to turn the camera. We want to make the servo turn to a certain position when a button is pressed. We were not sure what was wrong with our code so we tried moving the servo with the example servo program and the servo still did not respond. we tried another servo and that still did respond. Can anyone give us an explamation.

To make a servo work it requires a special jumper to provide raw power.
There are two pins right next to every PWM output.
Servos (and only servos) require a jumper on the pins beside the PWM output you are using to drive it.

The servos require a jumper be placed on the digital sidecar next to the pwn output so that adequate voltage (6 v, I believe) is supplied to the servo. Did you do this?

Thanks we forgot the jumpers, it should work fine now, we just have to locate the jumpers. Thank you agian.