I’ve been doing some research on FRC drivetrains and electrical systems and I was confused when reading about Servos, so can someone please explain them to me and give a few examples of when and why they are used? I don’t care if it is basic or in-depth - anything helps!


For drivetrains? Ignore servos entirely.

Basically, a servo is a motor/encoder combination that can go to position and try to stay there (FRC usage) or go to speed and stay there (not usual FRC usage).

Is a Servo its own entity or is it composed of separate parts that work together?

Usually, it’s one unit.

You may find Wikipedia helpful for an overview of how a servo works; just bear in mind that servos range from tiny (R/C aircraft tiny) to huge (industrial, in just about any flavor of power and input voltage). FRC uses units that are in the R/C vehicle size range as a general rule of thumb.