I feel silly asking this but from a rookie team just trying to desperately figure things out… did a servo come with our kit or do we need to buy one? I know i saw one on a list of addition parts from FIRST, should we buy that one, or a more powerful one?

Were just testing with an old BotBall servo until we figure this out
Thanks =]

That list is specifically allowed extra motors. You will need to buy your own (or ask another team). You may NOT use any additional motor/servo that is not on that list. (Translation: Vex servos and Hitec whatever-the-number-is only.)

HS-322HD Hitec’s :slight_smile:

and Vex Motors and Servos. The part numbers are in the manual.

The Botball servos say “Hobbico Command Standard Sport Servo CS-60” on them. I found that tag on of one of the servos on last year’s Botball bot. I seem to remember that they haven’t changed the brand or model number of the servos that they have used in quite a while, so it is extremely likely that that is the same model as your servo. Since they are not Hitec servos, or Vex motors or servos, it sounds like you can’t use them. Bummer.

IFI is out of the servo’s. I’m assuming that these are common items easy to get around the country. Does anyone have a better source to get a few?

Try these:

Thanks Eric !

thank you very much =]

so just for clarification, if we use a servo we need

  1. HITEC HS-322HD servos, or
    FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) servos (Innovation First part number 276-2162),

2. The kit of parts did not come with this.

  1. Yes, either.
  2. Check the list of what came in the KOP for that answer

I know they have some. They gave discounts for FIRST Teams last year. They basically have a lot of stuff IFI does, including CIM’s and Victors. I dont know if they have the discount this year.

They didnt provide servos in the kit this year.

gracias very much =]

Or here:

sorry I’m a bit confused, so if they did not provide servos, than we can’t use it since it wasn’t on the list? or can we buy the hitech s322hd thing? sorry its our rookie year

If you look through the manual, it states that you can use a Hitech HS-322 servo, Vex Servo, Vex Motor Servos. Though not in the kit, you may use them.

you have to purchase them

Something to keep in mind if you are going to use the servos. They are powered from the back up battery.

Hobby shops have servos, check to see if they have that specific one. Servos are used to actuate control surfaces on RC planes, boats, cars, etc.

Servos came with the 2005(?), 2006, and 2007 robots to aim the camera, maybe you can scrounge some.