Set Speed of Jaguar

Hello guys,

we are trying to run this motor. All the ports are hooked up right.
We initiated the Jaguar and did everything but we can’t make the motor running. We have a Joystick and if this one button is pressed the motor should start working, but it doesn’t.
What can we do to fix it?


The armcrane is the name of our Jaguar.

Thanks for helping!

PS: We are not the best of programmers, so we need a good explaination.

one way that i coded our arm is this


this way when you press and hold the button the victor that controls the elbow will move based on what your leftstick is doing

but then again we are using a xbox controller for our driving and a two joysticks for our arm

hope it helps

The steps to fix it naturally depend on what’s wrong, and we can’t tell what’s wrong from your description so far. Let’s try to get some more information.

What is the Jaguar’s LED doing while you try to make the motor run?
What is the big orange Robot Signal Light doing?
What does the rest of your code look like, specifically the part where you initialize the Jaguar?

Thanks you guys!
We got the problem fixed now. This thread can be closed.

Any chance you could tell us what was wrong? Some other team with a similar problem might find the information useful.