setFeedbackDevice to find the value of an encoder via TalonSRX not working?

When I try to set the feedback device for a talon srx, it will not accept setFeedbackDevice as valid, but everything else is fine. Is the resource I’m using outdated, what would I use here? (SPR is the name of the talon)


PS: The setFeedBackDevice command was within the CTRE software manual

Just to verify, which class are you using? The CAN or PWM version of the TalonSRX? (Only the CAN version will have this method.)

And you have the 2019 version of WPIlib installed? Why I’m asking:

  • In 2019, TalonSRX is the name of the CAN version class, and PWMTalonSRX is the name of the PWM class.
  • In 2018, TalonSRX was the name of the PWM version class, and the CAN version was CANTalon or something like that.