SETI@home team - Woodie Flowers

Hello, I am Sertaç from Team 8159. As Team 8159, we created SETI@home team in memory of Woodie Flowers.
SETI@home is an Internet-based public volunteer computing project employing the BOINC software platform created by the Berkeley SETI Research Center and is hosted by the Space Sciences Laboratory, at the University of California, Berkeley. Its purpose is to analyze radio signals, searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, and as such is one of many activities undertaken as part of the worldwide SETI effort. You can learn more from here :
You can join Woodie Flowers from this link:

I’m a longtime fan of SETI@home, but you are surely aware the project is going to stop handing out work imminently.

Fortunately, there are many great BOINC projects out there. I’m currently heavy on Rosetta@home, which studies proteins (and specifically right now several things around COVID-19). And there are many others too.

Hello, we know this bad news but we created team newly like this bad news. Also we don’t want to close it . So could I ask question? Can we integrate our SETI@home team to other BOINC projects? Do you know anything about it? Thanks :slight_smile:

SETI@home’s stats will only know SETI@home, but a team created for other projects would show on a site like BOINCstats.

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