SETI@home's changeover to BOINC--what effect on you?

Well, for those who follow such things, the SETI@home project is closing down their older project next week.

I know we’ve got a few SETI@home users around here, and I was wondering if you’re planning on making the switch to the BOINC-based client.

Personally, I started on SETI well after the BOINC version got underway. My team, considering it started two months ago, is doing pretty well.


What can I hope to run on my Windows 3.1 machine now???

And besides, I had the option to install SETI@Home or BOINC when I first started and I opted for SETI.

I didn’t like how BOINC looked. SETI looks much cooler when active.

Ughhh… What do I have to do to upgrade??:mad:


I don’t see it on my computers. It runs completely in the background. Acutally, I haven’t checked on it in months, so I don’t know if it’s still working properly.

Odd…the last month’s worth of logs are emtpy… but I restarted it and it didn’t complain. I think there’s some gremlins attacking my penguin.

Anyhoo, I’ve been using BOINC since the first month it came out.

I just converted over. In the SETI@Home newsletter, they mentioned that due to problems with simultaneous operation and migration of the database, they would not be migrating the full database over to the BOINC version until after December 15 (the conversion deadline for all prior users). Once all the users are converted, then they will update the new database with the old user workunits and credits. They better, otherwise my 15,148 workunits completed to date under the old system will disappear!

In the mean time, the BOINC version seems to be functioning very well, and cranking through workunits. I agree the user interface and display are not nearly as attractive as the older version, and the progress display leaves a lot to be desired. But since it is running when I am not using the computer, and presumably not paying attention to what is being displayed, I don’t really care that much.