SetMotor Code Problems

I have been working on the code for a holonomic drive system for some time now and when it hasn’t been working, I always thought it was something to do with the code, now I’m starting to beleve not.

The problem seems to be happening when I throw in a SetMotor block into the loop. I’ve done print screens to make sure the value is comming back correctly, but when I put in the SetMotor block, 1. the drive motors start acting sparatic, not just the one I am calling to but ALL 8 outputs on the reciever. Also, I am getting no input from the controller at all. The reciever is not showing the controller is even on.

Here is the following code I am using…

#include "UserAPI.h"

unsigned int blah;

void main ( void )
      while ( 1 )
          blah = GetRxInput ( 1 , 1) ;
          PrintToScreen ( "%d
" , (int)blah ) ;
          SetMotor ( 1 , blah ) ; 

Did you update all the firmware on said controller?