Setting A Static IP For Limelight

Hi there,
My team has purchased a limelight camera recently, but we’re having issues getting to the page where we can set the IP address. I’ve imaged it 3 times with the latest software, but every time I try to go to the configuration panel (http://limelight.local:5801/) I either get a result of “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET”, or “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”. Have any teams had this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it?

Hi, can you try installing bonjour from

After installing, you can turn on your Limelight and try to connect again.

Here are some questions that might help us prevent this issue for future users:

What OS are you using? Limelight has hostnames (mDNS and netBIOS) that are automatically picked up by most machines, but we have had one report of major trouble with Windows 7 (fixed with bonjour).

Have you tried accessing the camera stream at limelight.local:5800? The web interface becomes available just a few seconds after the LED array blinks and the camera stream becomes available.

Are you connected to a robot network?


Thanks a bunch! Installing bonjour fixed the problem right away.
We are using Windows 8, and attempts to access the camera stream before installing bonjour failed while connected to our robot’s network.

Great, glad it’s working now!

I’m updating the docs to always suggest installing bonjour. Thanks for helping us figure this out.