Setting Shuffleboard window defaults

Hi all -
Chill Out 1778 is using the Shuffleboard this year. Seems great so far.
One question we have is how to set the Shuffleboard window defaults on launch, i.e. hiding the left (widgets/sources) pane, and setting a window size and position, so we don’t have to keep configuring it every time we launch it.

The widget layout is saved, that is not a problem. Just window config, dimensions and position.


After configuring your default windows, you can save it, it will save as JSON file. If it don’t load automatically, you can just load it.

Yes, I have saved the layout in a JSON file. This is really a minor issue only, I can easily resize the shuffleboard window every time I launch it. Just was wondering if anyone had figured out a way to have the same size and position of the window on launch. This may be more of a Windows app question now that I think about it.