Setting the + knob on the joystick as the power setting for a motor?

I am coding an arm with a hook to climb the pyramid. Right now I was able to program the jaguar motor to go up at .5 power with button three on joystick, and go down with button 2 on joystick, at -.5 power. My question is I don’t want a constant .5 power when I climb, sometimes if I’m short on time I’d like to be able to climb at 1 or -1 for example, but a button input is either on or off. I was wondering if there’s a way to make it so when I click the 3rd button it makes the + button my vertical climb speed, but then when I release the 3rd button the + button doesn’t do anything. Also if I where to click the 2nd button and use the + button as my vertical speed down, and when I release the 2nd button the + knob does nothing. If somebody knows how to do this, you’d make my day, thanks. picture is attached with what I have done.

labview +.JPG

labview +.JPG

Simply use an “AND” gate in the Boolean section. Hook up the + button and button 3 to one AND gate, and the + button and button 2 to the other AND gate. You can use 2 different case structures and hook up the AND gates to them.

PM me if you need something more than the above :slight_smile:

Is there any chance that you have a visual for this, I understand somewhat I’m a newbie so I’m still figuring it out lol.

I left my programming computer at school. I’m not quite sure I understood exactly how you wanted the buttons to interact. PM me, and I will send you a visual tomorrow :slight_smile:

What are the + knob and + buttons?

If you have a joystick throttle control (like the one at the base of the stick on an Attack 3), just read its value and use that instead of the constant 0.5 in the case block.