Setting the team number/channel

How do we set the team number and channel for the 2006 robot. i checked the ifi site and they only have information and documents on previous years. We tried the steps in these guides but they dont seem to work for the 06 bot
any ideas?

The 2006 procedure is exactly the same as the 2005 procedure. After you set the team number switches on the OI, you have to connect to the RC with a physical tether cable, then reset the RC, in order for the robot to “take” that number.

If the leftmost team number switch is set, making the team number between 2048 and 4095, then the channel switches are enabled. I think that the channel is only changed when the OI is reset.

1   2   3   4   Channel
X   ON  ON  ON  04
X   ON  ON  OFF 13
X   ON  OFF ON  22
X   ON  OFF OFF 31
X   OFF ON  ON  40
X   OFF ON  OFF 01
X   OFF OFF ON  40