Setting up a new computer to program

Ok, I desperately need the help of the great people out there in CD land.

I have to set up a new laptop for programming for Florida regional tomorrow.
I have:
Gateway laptop
Vista home professional OS
Mostly finished code
usb to serial port converter (no serial)
started to download MPLAB v8

What do I need to be up and running as far as installation(new version of MPLAB or other loaders?)? Could someone walk me through setup so I, a mechanic, does screw it up!

You can get MPLabv8 as well as the C18v3 compiler (student edition) from the microchip website. Install MPLab, then C18. When C18 asks you about stuff like setting the PATH, or updating the MPLab installation, check all of them, as it will make your life easier. Open the existing project in MPLab, and hit compile. If you’re lucky, it will go smoothly and report “Build Successful” - you can go ahead and download.

Otherwise, let us know what MPLab is complaining about, and we’ll figure it out from there.

The code is already debugged and now compiled. I guess I need to now download the IFI loader(have no idea where or what version) and c18 v3.

So as you’ve discovered, you can download the MPLAB IDE from Microchip at this link.

You can get the C18 compiler here. That’s the student edition, but it’s good for 30 days or so, which should be enough for you.

You’ll also need IFI Loader from here. Some of the other programs there can be useful as well.

Finally, if you’re planning on using this combination of software, you HAVE to use Kevin Watson’s C18 3.0+ compatible code available here.

Kevin and Felix, you guys rock my socks:D . Thanks you very much.

Now that I have all the software, I think I can muddle through the code ok. I just never had to set all this up before, because we have been using the same laptop since 2000:eek: Thanks to you guys, 342 will “dance” like never before.