Setting up Android Phones

Hi there! I’m having issues setting up the two Android phones (in this case they’re Motorola G-Fast) with the robot controller and driver station apps.
We are using both a REV Control Hub and REV Expansion Hub this year.

I have set up WiFi-Direct, named both of the phones their respective names (5954-RC/5954-DS), turned on airplane mode, turned on WiFi, allowed the apps to “make phone calls” and all the other prompts that came up.
However when I connect the two phones via the driver station app, the robot controller app crashes 10 times out of 10. I’ve been trying for three weeks to figure out what I’m doing incorrectly, but have came up empty each time.

Does anyone have any insight or ideas on what I might be doing wrong or how to fix these issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Have you walked through the getting started documentation for either the Control Hub or the Expansion Hub?

If you are using the Control Hub as your main robot controller you should not need to connect the two Android Devices together but instead connect to the Control Hub’s network.

Some of the common troubleshooting steps are also found in our documentation.

As Mack said, you only need a single phone, which connects to the Control Hub’s WiFi network.

The reason you were experiencing crashes on the Robot Controller phone is that it’s running Android 10. That’s a known issue. Speaking of which, the Motorola G Fast phones are not legal for competition use.

Thank you for the reply, very good information. I saw that the G Fast wasn’t listed as a legal phone per se, but I also didn’t see it in the list of illegal phones.
I’ll let our head coach know!

Thank you very much for your documents, they are very helpful!

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