Setting up Apache2...

I am trying to install Apache2 on my computer which I built a few months ago which I planned to use as a HTTP file server and other stuff. I downloaded it and instaled Apache but it gives me erros saying its not connected to my IP address and I’ve tried uninstalling and retrying different configurations withing the start up install screens. It is also saying that it cannot start service ‘Apache2’. This is running on an XP Pro machine with dual 2GHZ AMD 256MB DDR 80GB HD (soon to be 1TB) on an SDSL line. The computer runse very stable except for this task. Could anyone help me try to get the configurations correct please. I am finally doing this to help F.I.R.S.T. Teams which need a place to host files or simmilar idea (saw info about the remote control car and wanted to host for them) :o

I’ll IM you later, but I’ll say, are you running as an administrator and do you have any other server type programs running? :slight_smile:

I am totally unable to help you except to suggest a good place for asking specific questions like you have.

There is a specific section on Apache

You need to register to ask questions, but that is free. You will find great community there very much like what you find here at CD.


I am not very familiar with Apache 2.0.49 (if that is still the latest version under Windows), but instead I use Apache 1.3.31. I have found through much experimentation under Windows XP Pro, Apache 2.0.x is very fast, while Apache 1.3.x is very stable. Anyone with any knowledge as to why, please enlighten me.

If the error message you are getting is something like “Apache cannot bind to this IP address”, open your httpd.conf file (by default, c:\program files\apache group\apache2\conf\httpd.conf) and change the binding IP address to This directs Apache to try and listen for connections on all IP addresses on that computer. If that does not work, change the server port from 80 to something obscure, like 63733. If Apache works after changing the server port, then there is another program listening on port 80, that needs to be axed before you can run a webserver.

If you need any help at all, please PM me. If you want to see the config file for my webserver (, go to My server is running Apache 1.3.31 on Windows 2000.

I have Apache2 running stable fast and pimp on XP pro SP1 alolng w/ MySQL 4.0.18 and PHP 4.3.2. IM me at SCOUT2005 on AIM if you still have problems.

Unless you have an affinity towards windows XP or you want to continue using it as a work station, I might suggest switching to a Linux based OS. While I have some servers running Mandrake and SuSE, the easiest to install and administer is a free Red Hat based distro called Clark Connect . It is very easy to use, just download the ISO and install it. Do understand though, that this will become the sole OS for the computer and that there is no GUI.

It comes with Apache, FTP, Mail, and other servers either installed or ready to be installed.

It would greatly help if you could post the exact errors and your httpd.conf file.

Thank You everyone that helped me out with this. I finally got Apache to work and got the website linked to it. I will be getting a full fledged website set up then getting file sharing setup. I will be involved as a volunteer on a new F.I.R.S.T. Team this year ( I was on 74 for the last 6 or so years ). This server will be the location of our teams website and I will be setting it up much like 108 did with the movie files and make it available to be uploaded and downloaded. It’ll have plenty of space to store each years competitons at high quality.

Again Thanks for all your help!