Setting up BitBucket

Hi, our team is trying to setup Bitbucket to store & update our code, but we’re having a hard time linking it with FRC’s version of Visual Studio. Our team is a bit green when it comes to programming…any help is appreciated. Thanks!

There is nothing FRC specific about the visual studio code install, it is just a plugin. So, you should be able to follow normal vscode git steps: Uploading code to Github using GitHub Desktop

You can also do it via command line following these steps: Uploading code to Github using GitHub Desktop

Have you linked with bitbucket following these steps…or just Git? Thanks

BitBucket uses Git. Git isn’t specific to any one service, it’s an open version control system. You’ll have to look at BitBucket’s instructions on setting up a repo, but they should be mostly similar to the steps for GitHub using the command line.

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Here is the official FRC documentation. It is based on GitHub, but can probably be adapted to work with BitBucket.


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