Setting Up Cypress

Being a second year team we just wanted to get this straight before we go through hours of pain to figure it out.

How do you go about setting up the Cypress board to maximize the number of inputs and outputs. Here is what we would like to mount on our operator console.

10 Switches/Buttons
4 couple potentiometers
8 LED’s or relays to trigger other lights

Let me know

In “Compatible” mode, where it duplicates the functionality of the 2009 QuikByte “blue box” Driver Station, you get eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, and four analog inputs. That’s two few digital inputs for your needs.

In “Enhanced” mode, you get eight LED outputs, eight analog inputs, sixteen digital pins that can be configured for various combinations of input or output (including support for a couple of quadrature encoder inputs and a couple of PWM outputs), a three-axis accelerometer…

You can use the I/O tab on the Driver Station to configure the board. What language are you using to program the robot?

If you don’t already have one, I would highly suggest getting yourself one of these:

Not necessarily the enclosure, but definitely the carrier.

Alan, we are using LabView to program but a few of the other programmers have some C knowledge.

Aeniug2, we bought one of those last year in case we did use it, they have both been in a drawer since we got them and decided we wanted to use them this year.