Setting up FRC cRIO II?

Hi, I’m from rookie team 3992.

We got our FRC cRIO II in our KOP and are trying to set it up right now and could use some help. We’re using some guides provided by FIRST that aren’t being completely clear or aren’t helping too much.

We have the cRIO II, the 2012 National Instruments software distributed to teams, a classmate netbook that isn’t flashed with the 2012 image due to a corrupt USB drive given to us, and we use Java for programming the robot.

Our wireless bridge got fried too, so we just want to be able to load a static program onto the cRIO via a crossfire cable and have it run to test that the motors work correctly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Did you install the utilities update? Did you put the v43 image on the cRIO? Do you have your Java software (NetBeans & the FRC plugins) installed?