Setting up navX for use with labview

How might one go about using the navX libraries? We just got a navX and are trying to use it in labview. We downloaded and ran the installer, can open all the example projects, however are stumped as to how we integrate this into our own project. We can see navX function blocks in the example code being used. But where do we get these blocks so that we can use them in our own code?

I would have thought there might be a libraries folder in the labview program files that I would need to put the navX library into, and that would allow us to see the functions in the functions pallet. However I can’t seem to find such a folder. Does anyone perhaps have a step by step set of instructions for getting this up and running? Specifically, we want to make our own new project, get what the current robot heading is, and then use that else where in our code.

We added the navX code to our project. You can drag VIs from the file system or from the project window – in addition to the project. It is possible to add the library to the palettes, but I don’t know that a palette file comes with the libraries.

Greg McKaskle