Setting up Netbeans on a 10.5.8

I’m trying to setup a mac powerpc 10.5.8 with netbeans but whenever I reboot NetBeans after installing it gives me this error

Warning - could not install some mdules:
FRCSquawkSDK - The module named edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.templates/2 was needed but not found
FRCSquawkSDK - The module named org.sunspotworld.renamerefactoring/2 was needed but not found
FRCSquawkSDK - The module named org.sunspot.SPOTFRCwelcomemodule/2 was needed but not found
FRCSquawkSDK - The module named org.sunspotworld.sunspotfrcapplicationtemplate/2 was needed but not found

Netbeans 6.5, Java 5. (ios 10.5 cant run any higher than that, due to this I don’t install the command based template which requires ios 10.6 for some forsaken reason)

Any help would be appreciated! ::rtm::

I’m not sure how to solve your problem, but it is likely related to running NetBeans 6.5 and Java 5. I don’t think that WPILibJ or most of the components needed are capable of running on versions that old.

Unless you have lots of experience with the internals of all of these and want to spend hours trying to get everything working, I would recommend using a different computer for FRC programming. If you can’t use any other computer, I would recommend running some variant of Linux on it, which might get you access to more recent versions of Java.

An example of why getting this to work would be difficult: even if you got everything with NetBeans to work, there is no preverifier executable included for PowerPC platforms to my knowledge - meaning that you’d have to find the preverifier source code and recompile it for your platform. (In case you actually do want to do that, I also found compatible source code here. We did some really complex things that required us to rebuild this.)