Setting up Wireless

I think what I’m attempting to do for my team is set up a bridge using a router and the radio (white dlink one). Am I supposed to follow this link (configure radio) How would I then use the router? my mentor told me to use the router to communicate with the radio but this is the first year we’re doing this and he expects it to be done by Saturday. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

All we did was put the dlink in bridge mode, and set it to bridge our team router. From there, we hooked the bridge to the cRIO, connected our netbook to the router wirelessly, ran the Driver Station, and voila!
It may help to set your dlink to the static ip of 10.xx.yy.2 before hand.

What is your final goal? If all you want to do is link the robot and a wireless-capable laptop running the Driver Station program, there is no reason to use the router. Just configure the D-Link DAP in Access Point mode as described in the instructions, and connect the laptop to it like you would to any other wireless network.

No, is for the cRIO. The D-Link gets IP address (with as the default gateway, though usually there won’t actually be anything at that address).

I’m not sure, our adviser said that our laptop wouldn’t be able to communicate with the robot but I’m fairly certain that it would work just fine without the router. At competitions, would we only have to connect to just the wireless network already there?

At competitions, your DAP will be reconfigured to connect wirelessly to the field network and your Driver Station computer will connect using an Ethernet cable. When not on the field, you will not use a wireless connection, instead plugging a cable in between your Driver Station computer and the DAP on the robot.

Thank you for clarifying, I suppose my final goal then is to use wireless and make sure it’s working tomorrow to prepare for a field test Saturday. Thanks a lot!